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Dr. Kuo's Babies Are Here!

dr. anne kuo oasis family medicine Nov 12, 2022
Dr. Kuo's babies are here!

Thank you all who have been thinking of us & wondering how we are all doing.

The delivery of our twins went well, our gestational surrogate & her husband were amazing throughout it all.
Baby A: Sophie is doing well.
Baby B: Kenzie went straight to NICU, for poor muscle tone.

We are a little hopeful because most of her tests have been normal, her symptoms & physical findings are mostly mild to moderate.
Since most tests have been normal, & symptoms & physical findings are mostly mild to moderate, we don’t know etiology, prognosis, if/what intervention does she need, what kind of life will she have. She will probably be in NICU for a while.
😍I am focusing on:
My love for my daughters (feels surreal to say “my daughters”) 
Being present & calm for them
What I can do for them
What is going well
What I know
Supporting Ray & myself
I am giving myself moments to cry & feel all the sadness, fear & anger.
If you'd like to, please send lots of love to Sophie & Kenzie & some extra prayers & healing for Kenzie.
So grateful our girls are here & they are so loved by our wonderful family, friends & our Oasis family.
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