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NEW BROCHURE: EBOO Quantum+ (Extra-corporeal Blood Ozonation and Oxygenation)

dr. yoshi rahm eboo extra-corporeal blood ozonation and oxygenation oasis family medicine ozone therapy Aug 16, 2022
EBOO Quantum+ (Extra-corporeal Blood Ozonation and Oxygenation)

As you may (or may not) know, EBOO Quantum+ (Extra-corporeal Blood Ozonation and Oxygenation) is a therapy offered here at Oasis Family Medicine. It's a truly amazing, safe and effective therapy, and I'm happy to say that we here at OFM are dedicated to making integrative healthcare accessible. This therapy is one that I highly recommend to anyone who deals with chronic and/or acute health conditions. Included below is a download of our newest brochure describing the EBOO Quantum+ therapy and its benefits in detail.

I'm sorry to say, however, the story behind this brochure is a long one, including how I procrastinated for months and months (it took me almost two years to put together the brochure to help explain the process). Fortunately, after many people pushing me into it, I finally completed the brochure project. It was truly a team effort. ;) Please click the link below to download the brochure so you have the information readily available, or feel free to share the brochure with friends and family.




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