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Everything You Need to Know About EBOO |Dr. Yoshi Rahm with Dr. Christine Schaffner|

eboo oasis family medicine ocean minerals Mar 03, 2023
Oasis Family Medicine
Everything You Need to Know About EBOO |Dr. Yoshi Rahm with Dr. Christine Schaffner|

In this episode of the Spectrum of Health podcast, Dr. Christine sits down with Dr. Yoshi Rahm to discuss Extracorporeal blood oxygenation and ozonation (EBOO) treatment. Dr. Yoshi explains the treatment of EBOO, what ailments can be healed by this treatment,  and how it can be used to boost the immune system.  

Dr. Yoshi Rahm is a board-certified osteopathic family physician with separate board certifications in Integrative and Holistic Medicine. Much of his life’s pursuits stem from growing up far outside a small Northern California town.  His simple upbringing, which included living without electricity, TV, or phone, gave him an early appreciation for healthy living.  The suffering of unwell family members was a big driver for Dr. Yoshi to pursue healing by becoming a family physician.  After residency at Glendale Adventist Medical, Dr. Rahm became an Attending Physician teaching at the same residency program and founded Oasis Family Medicine.  

Listen in to learn more about: 

  • {00:43} What is EBOO, and how is it different from other ozone therapies
  • {03:38} The patient experience during EBOO treatment
  • {19:41} How EBOO helps with environmental toxins
  • {30:25} The benefits of Ocean Minerals and  hydrogen water, 

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