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Halloween Fun at Oasis

dr. anne kuo dr. yoshi rahm halloween oasis family medicine Nov 04, 2022
Oasis Family Medicine Team - Halloween Fun 2022

We hope everyone had a happy and healthy Halloween!

Halloween has become a fun tradition here at Oasis, and this year was no different... except for the fact that we were missing Dr. Kuo (she and her husband are new parents after the birth of their twins on October 28th!). We send our congrats and best wishes to them! Dr. Kuo is due back in the office to begin seeing patients again in January, so we are ALL looking forward to that! In the meantime, I wanted to share a couple of photos of our Halloween fun. Enjoy!

In case you're wondering about our costumes, we decided it was in the cards to come up with something straight from the heart. We got all decked out in our costumes and took a few photos to commemorate the fun. No joke! (Actually, Louie made a pretty good joker!) Thanks to our Oasis Family Medicine Team who are ALWAYS good sports no matter what hand they are dealt. It was a nice break for all of us from shuffling paperwork to have some creative fun. (LOL, puns intended! ;)

As always, have a great week, and please feel free to pass this along!


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