Charda Jameson

Charda was born and raised in Detroit, MI and moved to Los Angeles in 2022. After graduating high school as Salutatorian of her senior class, she went on to attend thee University of Michigan Ann Arbor where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting and a Minor in Business from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business in 2020. She is a mix of African American with her mom being from Birmingham, Alabama and Jamaican, and with her dad being an immigrant from Kingston, Jamaica. She grew up doing singing lessons, cheer, acting in musicals and plays, traditional ballet, jazz, tap, modern, lyrical and danced on the majorette team at Cass Technical High School of which she identifies as her favorite style of dance. Two of her favorite moments in her life were doing community service abroad in Vietnam and studying abroad in India. What she loved about Vietnam was being able to give back to underprivileged communities teaching English to kindergarten and fourth graders in a cost-free school for low to no income students at Friends for Street Children School in Ho Chi Minh City. What she loved about India was being able to visit and take a photo in front of one of the seven Wonders of the World: The Taj Mahal.

During high school, Charda pondered majoring in Biology as a result of the innate intrigue and love she had for learning about the brain, how it functions, and the mind-blowing impact it has on the entire body and human experience. After discovering and utilizing acupuncture to treat the symptoms acquired from a Traumatic Brain Injury (e.g., Post-Concussion Syndrome), and a Chronic migraine, Charda revisited the part of her heart that has always been interested in the brain. She had a transformational and transcendental moment where she wanted to discover where she could have purpose in the holistic medicine industry and subsequently landed in her now position as the Neurofeedback Technician at Oasis. Charda began her journey at Oasis Family Medicine in 2023 and describes taking on the role as a very full circle moment for her. She is excited for what this journey showing up in love and helping others in the arena of neurology will bring.