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Topic: Brain Health 

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There are 2 different visit options: Mondays at 6:30pm or Fridays at 1:30pm – (90 min visits)

***New studies show the benefits of functional medicine "shared appointments/group visits" along with substantial cost savings - Studies attached to bottom of page.

What is a group visit?  

A group visit occurs when multiple clients are seen as a group (typically 10-15) for follow-up care or management of chronic conditions. These visits are voluntary for clients and provide a secure but interactive setting in which patients have improved access to their medical providers, the benefit of counseling with additional members of a healthcare team (for example a behaviorist, nutritionist, or health educator), and can share experiences and advice with one another.  The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) believes that group visits are a proven, effective method for enhancing a patient’s self-care of chronic conditions, increasing patient satisfaction, and improving outcomes.

Why should I really participate in a group visit?

Our group visit health providers are amazing, talented, and caring individuals.  Learning, sharing, and growing together in community is a basic human need, which is why group visit outcomes are actually more effective in the long run (Cleveland Clinic Study on Group Visits:  Typical medical office visits are 10-15 minutes long while these group visits are typically 60-90 minutes in duration and much more affordable too. These are all done with our Oasis integrative and functional medicine approach to health.

How much do the group visits cost?

The total price for a group visit series is $395 (not covered by Medicare). This includes the 4 sessions with 2 providers which is less expensive than a single 60-min appointment with a provider!

When do each of the group visit modules occur?

Please inquire with the office as the starting date is subject to change.


Group Visit Module Descriptions

Blood Sugar/Inflammation:

Curious about how unregulated blood sugar causes inflammation in the body? In this module, we’ll take a deep dive into the importance of inflammatory markers in determining health outcomes and what to do to support your blood sugar regulation. We’ll go over recommended supplements and lifestyle choices to optimize outcomes. Lab work includes a full blood panel workup including all markers of inflammation and nutrient deficiencies. 


Curious about what microbes live in your gut and how they are influencing your health? In this module, we’ll take a deep dive into the human microbiome and how it affects overall health in the body. We’ll discuss strategies on how to support your ecosystem through diet, lifestyle and supplements. Lab work includes a cutting edge stool test that shows ways to improve the diversification and vitality of your microbiome.


Curious about how to optimize your brain function and improve your overall health? In this module, we’ll take a deep dive into the brain and ways to optimize performance. We’ll discuss current concerns regarding the brain and aging and go over recommended supplements and lifestyle choices to optimize outcomes. Lab work includes a brain map showing overall brain performance. 


Curious about the role of hormones in creating health in the body? In this module, we’ll take a deep dive into optimal hormone levels and how they affect overall vitality in the body. We’ll go over the critical hormone systems and how they work in conjunction with each other. We’ll also go over recommended supplements and lifestyle choices to optimize outcomes. Lab work includes a comprehensive dried urine test highlighting hormone adequacy and pathways.


Curious about the best ways to detoxify the body and support overall health and vitality? In this module, we’ll do a deep dive into different detox options and support you during the detox of your choice. We’ll go over the detox pathways in the body and lifestyle choices to minimize toxins in your daily life. We’ll also cover recommended supplements to optimize outcomes.


Patient outcomes and costs associated with functional medicine-based care in a shared versus individual setting (2021)

Read Study

A nutrition and lifestyle-focused shared Open Access medical appointment in a resource-challenged community setting (2022)

Read Study

Szu W.

"I just finished my first Group Visits class at Oasis. Wow. Talk about a light bulb moment. In a friendly, informal atmosphere Kellie & Tracy take everything we think we know (in this module, hormones) and expand on that information in an easy to understand and helpful way. In a modern world that can feel chaotic and out of control, this class presents simple tools to help us live our best lives, in sync with nature and the seasons. And it's all backed by science. I'm applying everything I've learned, and the result is I'm sleeping better, eating better, and feeling better. Thank you Oasis, and thank you Kellie & Tracy.

Gayle Gale

The classes at Oasis have transformed my life!! Tracy and Kelly have a wealth of valuable information to share!

In June 2022, I was diagnosed with diabetes 2 with an A1c of 9.7. I was in shock as a year before it was 6.3 which is considered prediabetic.

In March last year, my mother who was like my best friend died and I was extremely stressed out. I did start eating more sweets than normal.
I have since realized through Oasis classes that extreme stress and going off my so-called healthy diet probably contributed to the sudden spike in my  A1c.

Cedars had a two-month wait for me to talk to a dietitian and about the same wait to get into see a doctor to treat it. I was in total despair and had no idea what to do next!
My stress level only increased.

A good friend of mine who was taking classes at Oasis family medicine told me about the online class for blood sugar. She said the classes had helped her so much!
I immediately called and signed up for the blood sugar class. I have to say that class was a lifesaver for me! The classes were full of information I did not know. They really helped me to reverse my diabetes and live a healthier lifestyle.

I learned so much and I immediately started following a lot of what they were suggesting. I also used Dr. Hyman‘s blood sugar detox book and cookbook. What I thought had been a healthy diet was not! I learned a healthier way to eat. 

As of Jan my A1c is now 5.3 from 9.7, my cholesterol dropped 30 points and triglycerides dropped 50 points!

Last week 3/15/23 my endocrinologist just told me great news!!! That I did a great job of reversing my diabetes. To keep doing whatever I have been doing. Keep the same diet and exercise. Then she said since my blood sugar is normal and we do not want it going lower I could get off the diabetes medicine Metformin.

She told me to keep monitoring my blood and if it goes above 150 then I need to start the Metformin again.

I highly recommend these Oasis classes!