Holistic Health Coaching

Did you know that the majority of dis-ease in the body can be improved with lifestyle changes like what you eat and how much you sleep? Are you ready to take charge of your health and just need some direction and support? Did your practitioner recommend diet changes and you're not sure what to eat or where to shop? If you answered yes to any of these questions or just need a safe place to start your health journey, then holistic health coaching is for you! A visit with our Holistic Health Coach, Tracy Leventhal, will give you the focused attention you are looking for in the following areas:

-Decreasing exposure to everyday toxins
-Exploring food options and how to maximize nutrition
-Looking at a typical day and building the best schedule for your lifestyle
-Improving diet to decrease body burden and dis-ease
-Creating accountability and curiosity as you make the best choices for your health journey

Coaching appointments are one hour and typically occur every 3-4 weeks to allow time to integrate changes. Our health coach is available via email for any questions or concerns that come up between appointments. If you are ready to take the lead in your health outcomes, a health coach is the perfect place to start. The majority of illness and dis-ease can be cured by making one small change at a time and our health coach is here to guide you on your journey!