Kellie Kell, RN MSN FNP

Kellie Kell, MSN FNP-BC is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, who completed additional certification and training with The Institute of Functional Medicine. She has 17+ years of experience as an FNP and has experience in a variety of settings including women’s health, family primary care, urgent care and the Emergency Room.

Kellie grew up in the La Crescenta area,  attending local schools. She moved to San Francisco after graduating high school and attended USF for her Bachelor’s in Nursing and went on to have a successful career as an ER/Trauma nurse at Stanford University. After 6 years working as an RN, she decided to pursue her Master’s Degree at UCSF, specializing as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

As her career progressed, her passion for health evolved into more of an integrated-medicine approach, at times using traditional medicine principles when needed but realizing the importance of the basic principles of health which are so easily overlooked; how food communicates with your body, the importance of sleep and detoxing, hormone stabilization, chronic infection management and immune system support, stress management, connecting to other humans and our communities, and staying close to one’s sense of purpose. These principles are science-based, avoid putting “band-aids on symptoms” and focus on patients and practitioners working together to individualize each patients journey to optimize the body’s processes. She believes this is the true path to health and wellness, helping bodies on their healing journeys and has helped many people achieve this level of health. She embodies and practices many of the same principles that she suggests for her patients.

Outside of work, Kellie keeps busy raising kids and spending time with her family. The beach is her favorite place to breathe, soak in the sun and sea and rest, restore and reconnect!

Christine, C. 

Kellie was a wonderful listener and spent a lot of time with me during both of my visits. She had great recommendations and is super smart! Staff at the reception area are friendly, patient and kind. Love Oasis Family Medicine!

Christa, C. 

Oasis is an amazing resource of knowledge in both traditional and functional medicine and I am so lucky to have them in my community. I had never been to a doctors office with so many options for natural health care as well as traditional western medicine. The doctors and nurse practitioner are well educated on nutrition and caring for the body as a whole, finding underlying issues and not just treating symptoms. I have been taking my three young boys to Oasis for a little over a year now and after experiencing them, I plan to go to them myself.