Leah Schexnayder

Leah's love for health and wellness began with fitness, dedicating her youth to becoming an elite-level athlete. However, an injury during her track running days made her realize that fitness isn't just about building muscle, increasing heart rate, and running fast.

She became intrigued by the training and recovery cycle and the human body's potential for self-healing and regeneration. Leah was fascinated by how we can heal ourselves almost like superheroes in the movies. (Okay, maybe not as fast as Wolverine… but we do heal!) Her passion for anatomy and physiology led her to become a nutritional coach and personal trainer focusing on total system health and wellness through movement. Using her own experiences, she helps others understand and optimize their physical and nutritional health.

Leah further expanded her knowledge by working as an Emergency Medical Technician. She spent the first three years of her career working on the ambulance with Los Angeles County Fire before transitioning into her current role in the Emergency Department. Leah is thrilled to be part of the Oasis Family Medicine team, where she can work with a community that shares her belief in the power of healing and caring for the body to achieve optimal performance.