Lindsey, RN

Lindsey has been a Registered Nurse since 2014 and has worked in the Emergency Department since 2016. She chose a career in nursing after having a personal experience in the Emergency Department where she saw just how much a nurse could change someone's experience in the hospital.  She also wanted a career where she could both support her family but also spend as much time as possible with them. She is the "Brady Bunch +1" Mom with her own 3 kids, her 3 step-kids and now a baby of her and her husband together. Lindsey enjoys running, which she also uses to help de-stress and stay healthy. She is also in school working on her Masters Degree in Nursing.  Lindsey decided to work in Functional Medicine because she is excited to take part in healthcare that treats the whole person and assist patients who wish to be active participants in their preventive health.