For Cellular Detox and Mitochondrial and Neuronal Regeneration


Wonder why kids have so much energy? It is due to their cells being full of active mitochondria (the powerhouse of each cells) that is responsible for creating 90% of our energy. As we age, our cell’s mitochondria begin to lose power. This is where NAD+ IVs can help to re-power the powerhouses of all of your cells.

Scientists started learning about NAD+ therapy in the 1950’s when it was studied for helping with mental disorders such as Schizophrenia. NAD is a B-vitamin derivative and therefore a natural therapy. As such, much of the study and learning about NAD+ was pushed aside since there was no money to be made in a vitamin therapy.  Along with the schizophrenia work, it was soon discovered that many patients with chemical addictions (alcohol, drugs, etc) also greatly benefited from NAD+ IV Therapy.  From this body of work, came the findings that NAD IV therapy also benefited individuals with anxiety, PTSD, depression and a variety of neurological disorders. In addition, it is now recognized that NAD is THE:

  • Anti-Aging Molecule
  • Brain & Cognition Molecule
  • Mental Clarity Molecule
  • Anti-Diabetes Molecule
  • Athletic Performance Molecule

NAD Research (Download)