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Importance of Baseline WAVi Brain Scans for
Individuals Over 10 Years Old 

Getting a baseline WAVi brain scan is crucial for individuals aged 10 and above, as it provides objective information about brain function and cognitive resources. By assessing brain health comprehensively, similar to how a blood test assesses general health, WAVi brain scans aid in early detection and prevention of neurological illnesses, while also offering valuable indicators of overall health. 

Understanding the WAVi Brain Scan 

The WAVi brain scan is a specialized brain examination that precisely assesses the electrical performance, action, and reaction of the brain. This non-invasive scan utilizes a portable headset device to conduct a streamlined electroencephalogram (EEG) and track visual Event-Related Potentials (ERPs). By measuring real-time brain and body reactions to events and activities, the WAVi brain scan provides vital information about brain health, memory, coherence, and cognitive processes using scientific measures. 

Process of a WAVi Brain Scan Test 

During a WAVi brain scan test, which typically takes about 30-45 minutes, individuals wear a comfortable headset equipped with 22 nodes to track various brain activities in different regions. Salt water is used to get the connection between the headset nodes and the scalp. The collected data is then analyzed, compared, and used to generate a comprehensive report on the condition of the brain, offering actionable insights. The test involves tasks such as measuring delay P300, which assesses physical response time to auditory stimuli, and testing for trails, which evaluates sequential order abilities. These tasks help identify potential risks and triggers for neurological disorders. 

FDA Certification and Target Audience 

The WAVi brain scan is the only portable EEG brain screening test that is FDA-approved. It is recommended for individuals who have been diagnosed with conditions like depression, anxiety, ADHD, or any mental health condition that requires further investigation. Additionally, as individuals age, the WAVi brain scanning provides valuable information on brain health, growth, and potential risk factors for neurological disorders. This enables physicians to suggest appropriate preventive measures and develop personalized brain health plans. 

Benefits of WAVi Brain Scans 

Undergoing a WAVi brain scan can significantly improve health outcomes. By identifying risk factors associated with neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer's, individuals can take proactive steps to prevent their occurrence. Moreover, the WAVi brain scan aids in evaluating the brain's performance, detecting brain diseases at an early stage, and allowing for more accurate and objective treatment of neurological problems. The scan also provides information on cognitive deficits, early symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer's disease, effects of conditions such as hearing loss, ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, and concussions on brain health, and heart and brain health relationships. 

Completing the exam allows individuals to monitor their brain's performance progress and determine the effectiveness of their brain health plan. The results of the scan help the doctor create a personalized brain health plan to maximize neurogenesis and function. The data from the brain scan provides a comprehensive report that can be discussed with the doctor and serves as the starting point for a personalized brain wellness program. It includes evaluation of brain function, cognitive ability, brain activity, coherence, hearing and seeing capacity, autonomic nervous system flexibility, heart rate, and various brainwave patterns. 

In summary, the WAVi brain scan is important for everyone over 10-15 years old as it provides valuable information about brain health, helps detect and prevent neurological illnesses, and allows for personalized brain health plans to be created. It is especially beneficial for individuals with certain medical conditions, a family history of dementia, or concerns about memory. By assessing the electrical performance and reaction of the brain, the WAVi brain scan aids in early detection and treatment of brain diseases. The FDA certification ensures its reliability and accuracy, and the test can be administered to individuals of all ages. Through the WAVi brain scan, individuals can gain knowledge about their brain health and take necessary preventive measures to improve their overall well-being.