Halloween 2022

Oasis Friendsgiving 2021

Halloween 2021

In our usual Halloween tradition here at Oasis, we had a blast showing off our collective creative genius (lol). Please watch the “Matrix” video to enjoy Halloween Oasis style. The question becomes, do you take the red pill or the blue pill? Only Neo knows for sure…
Hint: for those that don’t know, Matrix is a movie (a very interesting one at that) and Neo is one of the main characters. Whatever correlation it may or may not have to current events is up to you – just like Neo’s choice to take the red pill or the blue pill. Enjoy!

Halloween 2020

The Oasis Family Medicine team had some Halloween fun again this year, and we want to share it with you. We dressed up as Greek Gods and Goddesses – I’m Zeus, btw! And even made a short video production, thanks to Darius! Enjoy!

Christmas 2019

Louie and Dr. Kuo won the best dressed ugly Christmas sweater outfits award.
Here’s Louie showing off his prize, since he beat us all in bowling!
The Oasis Family Medicine Team had lots of fun bowling in our ugly Christmas sweaters!

Halloween 2019

Be sure to check out Team Oasis Family Medicine in the fun photos and video below. (In case you’re wondering, the photo with the baby in it is my son, Kamal, and he is our team doctor 😉

Halloween 2018


In case you haven’t figured out what our costumes are, here’s a hint: We “CARE” about you so much, we can’t “BEAR” it!

There’s more Halloween fun over on the blog – click here to watch!

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