Shannon, RN

Shannon is a Registered Nurse who has been working in the hospitals for the past 11 years. Even during school, she saw the benefits of a holistic approach to working with her patients and saw the benefits to them when all aspects of their lives were incorporated in their care. She is specialty certified in Emergency Nursing and Pediatric Emergency Care. She is also a licensed public health nurse. Working in the Emergency department for the past 7 years, she cared for many patients where one event changed the course of their lives. But she also cared for many patients who had only had reactive care for so many years that much of their lives was now consumed with their health struggles. After working throughout the pandemic in the Emergency department, she saw even more how many people were not active participants in their own preventative health and how many were primed for illness by not incorporating their nutrition, spirit, mental energies, etc. into their daily routines or their health plans. She is excited to join a team where both practitioners and patients are happy to look at the entire person before treating them.

Shannon is a Mom to three kids and three dogs. When she isn’t running her daughter to gymnastics meets, her older son to his rock band activities, or keeping her younger son from climbing too high up in the trees, she enjoys being outdoors hiking, bike riding, and otherwise keeping her kids busy somewhere other than online. Shannon loves to travel and explore different cultures and thinks that everyone could learn a lot by just seeing how other people live.