Tracy Leventhal, Holistic Health Coach, Energy Practitioner

Tracy is an advocate of the holistic health world. Since 2012, her education has taught her methods to optimal health through food, fitness and stress management. In 2015, she started teaching practical, everyday lifestyle changes to her community under the title “Just One Thing” because she knows that in today’s busy world these changes come just one thing at a time. After successfully helping her friends and neighbors make so many valuable changes for their families, she joined the Oasis Family Medicine team to bring practical, healthy living choices to our community in a Health Coach role.

Are you looking for someone to help you understand your food choices, make eco-friendly changes around your home, clean up your body care products or help you cook a great meal in less than an hour? Or how about some guidance on where to shop and what to buy? Please consider health coaching as your option. Tracy was determined to clean up her health, as well as the health of her family, and she looks forward to helping you, too. Tracy began her career in corporate insurance. Currently, she is a wife, mother of two boys, caregiver to their dog and advocate for family health for future generations of children to come. Please call our office to make an appointment. Individual and Group sessions are offered. Health Coach Intro


Amazing staff and client service! Nurse Kellie has truly helped me to take control of and improve my health and I have learned so much from Tracy the super knowledgable Health Coach! Rome and Heidi are always helpful and friendly. If you are looking for a great integrative medicine practice then I would highly recommend Oasis Family Medicine!

Winters, J. 

I always thought that excellent care and attention from doctors to patients was only true for the characters in old films on Turner Classic Movies. It turns out that it actually exists, and in Montrose no less! I met Dr. Yoshi Rahm about two years ago at Oasis Family Medicine. I knew he was the doctor for me when he wrote down health book recommendations and suggestions for a healthier lifestyle on his prescription pad instead of names of pills I couldn't pronounce. My husband joined soon after and we have been so very happy with the services at Oasis Family Medicine. Dr. Yoshi has never spent less than 45 minutes talking to each of us about our overall health. He explains everything thoroughly and makes sure we understand where we are in terms of our health and what we can do, naturally, to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We are fortunate to have a doctor like Dr. Yoshi and caring, wonderful nurses at Oasis. Thank you, Dr. Yoshi.


Tracy! Thank you very much. I enjoyed our time together today. You are an  amazing and extraordinary  Light Being. I feel Blessed to have you in my life. Love and Peace!

Carol, H.

Dear Dr. Rahm,


I had to send you an email to thank you for Tracy!  I feel so very lucky to have her as a resource. She has upped my nutrition and lowered my stress. Plus she is so easy to talk to. And she has an amazing wealth of knowledge! Thank you so much for hiring her and making Health Counseling available.